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Damage to the blood vessels is frequently the cause of impotency. About 80% of men who are suffering the symptom of impotency have problems with blood flow to the penile cheapest to buy cialis online uk arteries and/or problems with the erectile chambers. This can be due to blockages, leakage from the penile veins or problems with the relaxation of the muscles within the penis.

Men who are with this category are the same as all those at risk regarding heart disease; men who smoke, eat a diet high in fat or cholesterol, or those who have how does levitra work online high blood pressure. In many instances, these issues should be addressed through diet, exercise and overcoming bad habits, rather than with medications.

Many men possess impotence caused by diabetes. As much as three from four diabetic patients will become impotent. This is a serious medical problem. For answers, please talk buy online sildenafil soft 100mg tablets to an urologist that has unique training in impotency issues.

Medications may cause issues with erections, ejaculations and sex drive. There are more than 200 prescribed and over-the-counter medications that may cause impotency and other sex dysfunction issues. About 2% of all impotency is caused by medication. These medications may be those prescribed for high blood pressure or major depression. Cold medications, antihistamines, diuretics, hormones like estrogen, anti androgens, beta-blockers and tranquilizers can cialis en pharmacie idf also be a problem. To correct difficulties with medications, speak with the doctor just who prescribed the particular medicine for the problem. The particular dosage will then be properly lowered or maybe the medication transformed.

Approximately 10% of impotency is brought on by damage to nervous feelings or arteries from drops, accidents, continuously recurring injury; and through surgery or even radiation therapy for complications such as prostate cancer or even bladder malignancy. Men who may have surgery for the purpose of bladder or even prostate malignancy frequently Drug For Impotence order levitra online have got injury to the particular nerves that will cause penile erection, even with the particular so called "nerve sparing" operations. Surgery for certain other abdominal conditions can also cause injury to nerves or restrict blood flow to the penis.








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